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At BNI clinics we take extra measures when it comes to treating children and adolescents. Our doctors have specialized in treating this age group. They are fully skilled in advanced psychopharmacology and a variety of therapy modalities. At BNI we use the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model to develop the diagnostic formulation. When it comes to the treatment we use the most advanced evidence based data to help them.

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Each person's life story is unique. The interaction between life experience and genetic makeup makes us the person we are today. At times people go through stressful situations and based on their genetic makeup and learned behavior may develop painful reactions.During these moments in life, a professional who is skilled in human behavior and brain function would be able to help, and relieve themfrom their suffering. At BNI clinics our doctors are equipped with skills that will help these individuals in need. 

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Addiction is a chronic relapsing disorder and it usually co exists with some other difficulties in feelings, emotions and thoughts. At BNI clinics we help the patient detox fromthe substance they are addicted to. We do not stop there; we encourage them to enroll in an out patient treatment to target their co morbid disorders and their primary addiction. 

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At BNI, several types of psychological assessment services

are available including screening assessments, focused

assessments, and diagnostic assessments. 


We provide the following psychological assessment and testing services: 


• Attention/Concentration Problems

• Behavioral, Emotional, and Social Problems

• Intellectual Functioning and Learning Disabilities  

• Personality Assessment 


The psychological assessment and testing service is tailored to the

patient’s presenting problems and may include one or more

of the following: 


• Clinical interview

• Collateral interviews 

• Review of records 

• Formal Psychological Testing Battery (administration, scoring, and interpretation)

• Psychological assessment report with treatment recommendations

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